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Pancreatic enzymes


Pancreatic enzymes are produced by pancreas. If their level is too low, it means our pancreas does not function correctly, which may be very dangerous for our health, since they are responsible for digestion. When our pancreas is unable to produce the sufficient amount of pancreatic enzymes, it is time to reach for food supplement. We recommend to you to try our supplement, produced especially for Vitaltabs. The package contains ninety capsules. One capsule has the following composition: betaine HCL (200 mg), bile ox extract (100 mg), papaya powder (45 mg), diastase (10 mg), protease (7.5 mg), enzyme blend (200 mg). In addition, the capsules contain: gelatin, cellulose powder, magnesium salts of fatty acids and silicon dioxide.

Over time, the ability of the body to digest food properly and safely decreases, which can lead to dangerous consequences such as malnutrition. Enzymes that digest proteins and fats fulfill an important role in people who suffer from chronic diseases, because the production of these enzymes clearly decreases in such conditions. That is why it is so important to take a supplement that is rich in enzymes, they can significantly improve the digestive process. Thus, supplementation of digestive enzymes allows to restore digestive functions.

The food supplement contains betaine, which supports the digestive system and facilitates the absorption of nutrients. Betaine is a perfect choice for people who are overweight and struggle with obesity. It also makes vitamins A, D, E and K absorb better. The papaya fruit powder supports the slimming process, mainly due to papain, which improves the digestive process. In addition, papain causes faster burning of proteins and fat tissue. Papain also relieves pain and contributes to the smooth functioning of the digestive system.

Among the pancreatic enzymes that are present in the supplement, we can mention pancreatin, which is responsible for the regulation of metabolism. Amylase is another important enzyme, which plays a significant role in the digestion process of polysaccharides as well as in anti-inflammatory processes. Supplementation ensures proper digestion of fats, especially in people who suffer from pancreatic disease.